To Save transcript file, and/or the mp3 audio, right click on  the doc icon or themp3 icon  and then click on save target.

Create a new folder titled "Dr. Carlos Blair" e.i.(for extra organization Create a New Folder named "Dr. Blair Audios" and then create a new folder in the Dr Blair Audios file and for each Audio). When saving, click Dr. Blair Create new folder (title of current audio downloading) and click save.   

To Create New Folder This can be performed by going to your Folders on the menu on your computer and creating a new file. Or you can right click mp3 link and save target. From there, create new folder, then save audio and future audios in that folder.

To save Transcripts, create another new file titled "Dr. Carlos Blair Transcripts. (If you make sure that a number is included that matches the number on the web site list, that will help with organization).