A wonderful variety of topics.

These topics were generated before live audiences over about a thirty year period through the mediumship of Dr. Robert Ireland.

They had been marketed in various times and in various ways and over half a million copies had been distributed, predominately as cassette tapes.

When I first came across the collection of audio cassettes through my friendship with Robert, they were no longer being marketed, and there were no plans to do so, as Robert was about to retire and there was none to take his place.

I was so impressed with the content of the teachings and the clarity of Cosmic thought that I felt they must once again be made available.

When I suggested that to Robert, he, in return, strongly suggested to me, that I be the one to market them.

I accepted.

With little expertise, my only real tool in the beginning being my willingness, I embarked upon a steep learning curve.

Eventually about half of the more than 200 audios were converted from analog to digital. Some were acceptable at that point, but most needed re-mastering. Some may never be salvaged. Often audience questions are not able to be heard, and one must guess at the question by listening to the answer.

In order to help somewhat with this problem, we undertook to transcribe the audios to the written word so that the person listening could refer to the paper if they could not make out what was said. The first 52 transcriptions have been completed in time for this launch. This transcription was accomplished through the labor and love of Renee’ Chapman. Much gratitude to her for her countless hours of dedication.