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Q. What is deep trance channeling?

 A. I divide channeling into three main categories.

Light trance is at the level of intuition, where one has a sudden complete knowing, usually of a new topic or a new perspective, and the person will remember the content for a prolonged period.

Intermediate trance occurs over a longer period of time, such as in giving a short speech, and is often perceived by the speaker that it is given to them internally, then given out through speaking. Typically the speaker may remember what was given for only about three minutes, and may not be able to expand or clarify at a later time upon what was given.

Deep trance channeling occurs when the conscious mind is ‘put aside’ or ‘put to sleep’, and the body often appears to be in a state of profound sleep, as well, and this allows another spirit entity’s mind to temporarily replace it, and to give the spirit entity’s wisdom or message through the channel’s vocal apparatus. This usually occurs after a period of preparation leading to a decision by the channel to surrender to the process.

Q. What is the right amount for a donation?

A. If this material has nourished you, and/or you want to participate in nourishing others through this avenue, then donations are appropriate.

The road forward for this service is paved with donations.

Each person seems to have a unique amount of discretionary funds. A donation is best to be a portion or a percentage of these funds.

Choose the portion that is the right amount, for you, under your current circumstances.

Q. How do I donate?

A. Click here to go to the donation page.

Q. How do I know if what I am learning is right for me?

A. When, at the end of the day, you are so energized and excited, you would rather think about what you’ve learned than to go to sleep.

Q. What, exactly, is wisdom?

A. Wisdom is intellect, lovingly applied, in search of more wisdom.

Q. How do I know if I am having an intuition, rather than an over-active imagination?

A. Intuition arrives as a sudden, complete, thought, where all details are present at once, without any mental effort on your part. It is that thought that happens before you start thinking about it. The intuition is often accompanied by a feeling in a body part, reflected by the phrases, "I know in my heart," or, "I know in my gut," etc.

Q. What is the most important characteristic or quality one needs to have in order to progress on the journey toward greater spirituality and enlightenment?

A. Willingness. Willingness to do the inside work of removing the obstacles, the thoughts, the attitudes, the emotions, the belief systems, but mostly the thoughts, that keep us attached to fear rather than joy. It is a surrendering to doing this work.

Q. What are some other characteristics that would be helpful?

A. Some other helpful characteristics might be discipline, focus, and singleness of purpose.