It is typical in deep trance channeling that there be a gate-keeper or protector who maintains the body’s integrity, health and well-being while deep trance is taking place. The body consciousness is set aside for the purpose of allowing the spirit-teacher to manifest. This greatly reduces ego interference.

That guardian in the case of Rev. Dr. Robert Ireland was an entity named ROLLING STONE, who previously was a medicine man or shaman of the Blackfoot Native American tribe. The location of that embodiment was in southern Canada, just above the US state of Montana.


Painting of Rolling Stone given through Stan Matrunik

Rolling Stone would often say a few words at the beginning of a Dr. Carlos Blair discourse, some of which are included on the audios.

Rolling Stone also would talk a bit at the end of the discourse while the medium, Dr. Robert Ireland was re-establishing his consciousness in the body.

DR. EDWARD LANGE is another spirit guide who manifested about 5 times, at the request of Dr. Carlos Blair, after Dr. Blair was firmly in the body.

Dr. Lange, also an Englishman like Dr. Blair, brought healing energy to fill the room, in his capacity of Universal Healer. While that energy was circulating, he gave talks about the nature of physical healing, the spiritual nature of healing, the spiritual Laws that govern healing, and of removing some of the blockages to the effective giving and receiving of healing. These blockages were in the realm of thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and belief systems.


WHITE LILY was the Spirit Guide who was most instrumental in Robert Ireland’s growth toward his ability to achieve deep trance channeling.

WhiteLily - Copy

White Lily, received and painted by Rev. Jeannette Shepard

White Lily was the Spirit Guide for Margaret Fling, Robert’s mother, who achieved the ability to enter deep trance much earlier than Robert was able to, even though both started in that direction at about the same time. Very quickly Margaret scheduled a spiritual development class that was held once per week. White Lily came through for this class and Robert was one of the students, who eventually was able to achieve the ability to enter deep trance, as well.

REV. BETTY TATALAJSKI has shared the author's love and delight of  the Dr. Carlos Blair Spiritual Teaching Audios, and has  supported the author's work toward reaching a broader audience.


Rev. Betty founded The Temple of Universality ( ),



which has served as a source for learning about Spiritual Law and as an incubator for the growth, maturation, and development of the Spiritual Gifts within all.

The Author is pleased to have had exposure to The Temple in a variety of ways over more than a decade.

STAN MATRUNIK was a spirit artist with a unique approach to his portraits.

He would have easel and paints set up off to his side, and would rapidly paint with one arm and hand without looking at either the paints or the easel, usually while carrying on an animated conversation with the person or persons in front of him. Often the portrait was of a Spirit Guide to the person he was talking to.

REV. JEANNETTE SHEPARD, on the other hand, would see the Spirit Guide around or near an individual and would be moved to paint what she saw. See her portrait above of White Lily.

Both of these individuals produced portraits of Dr. Carlos Blair, many years apart, and Stan Matrunik also produced the portrait of Rolling Stone.

RENEE' CHAPMAN was a member of Dr. Robert Ireland’s church for many years and loved Dr. Carlos Blair and his teachings. When she found out that this project was being produced, she volunteered to transcribe the audios into the written word.

KHRISTINA STRANDQUIST volunteered her time and energy as a commitment rising out of the joy of her own spiritual growth, and her desire to expand the availability of spiritual material. She is an invaluable contributor to these projects through her technical assistance and her insightful suggestions and her hours and hours of 'hands-on' work.