The Pond is a metaphor for Humanity. Each molecule of water represents a person or being. When a PEBBLE is thrown into the pond, the whole pond raises, every molecule, every being.

The PEBBLES we choose to throw into the pond are ‘Pearls of Wisdom’, ‘Nuggets of Enlightenment’, and ‘Pure Gems of Increased Awareness’.

Raise the Level of the Pond is dedicated to raising the level of the pond, one PEBBLE at a time. This is an exploration of "INNNER SPACE", regardless in whatever "outer space" you find yourself.  The topics chosen are practical and relevant to everyday life. The "pebbles" offered may be used day to day, or minute by minute. The approaches at times may seem familiar, but more often will appear to be opposite to that which you have been taught, and will range from simple and very easy, to simple yet requiring persistence and focus over a longer period of time. Yet, they will always be simple rather than complicated.

The Dr. Carlos Blair Spiritual Teaching Audios are an example of a collection of PEBBLES.

Over time we hope to add other collections of  PEBBLES, of the same high quality.

RAISE THE LEVEL OF THE POND is a spiritual organization that recognizes mind/body/spirit interconnectedness, and that an individual may make improvements in the mind, or body, or spirit, and this may, or may not, cause improvements in the other two. Physical improvements, while they may happen and be welcome, are not our goal or mission.